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Comparison between Machine Skates and Hydraulic Jacks

1 Hydraulic jack

Hydraulic jack is one of the best devices used to lift loads that are heavy by applying force to the hydraulic cylinder that creates pressure in this chamber.

How it usually works

When the oil is moved through the two cylinders via piston, it results to pressure being created by the hydraulic jack. The piston usually opens the non-return valve whereby it allows oil to the pump chamber. The piston is then pushed downward whereby the oil gets transported via the discharge valve to the cylinder chamber. The pressure is created when the suction valve closes which pushes the piston in this chamber upwards leading to it lifting a heavy object. This process is repeated over and over again as more loads are lifted.

Different types of hydraulic jacks

• Bottle jack

Its name is derived from the shape of the cylinder which looks like a milk bottle. It’s usually used to lift and lower vehicles by applying some pressure to the cylinder chamber. Bottle jacks have a handle which you use to pump it so that it can either raise or lower the vehicle you’re repairing.

It’s also used as stretcher lift and load lifters in warehouses.

• Floor jack

This type of hydraulic jack has caster wheels which enable it to have easier movement. The floor jackshaft is mounted in a horizontal way whereby it pushes a crank that is used to lift bearing pad vertically. The advantage of floor jacks is that they have a greater range of lifting as compared to bottle jacks.

It’s commonly used to lift cars as well as trucks.

2 Machine Skates

They are used to move large machines as well as heavy equipment on a smooth surface. They have rolling wheels which reduce friction making you move the load on them with a lot of ease. Machine skates can carry equipment of up to 70 tons. They’re designed in such a way to last a very long time.

Types of machine skates

• Straight-line stakes

These are the type of machine used to move heavy machines in a limited space on a straight line. They can be able to handle machines with a weight of up to 2.5 tons. They are designed very close to the ground to increase their stability. Long straight line stakes can carry machines with a weight of 80 tons.

• Compact swivel skates

These are the type of skate machines that can move in any direction. These machines usually handle loads that weigh from 1.6 tons up to 12 tons. They have two options of rollers namely:

 Steel rollers

 Polyurethane rollers

These rollers are chosen depending on your floor. These machines have a friction plate that helps prevent the load from moving from side to side.

Compact swivel skates are used to move heavy loads within factories from one location to another.